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Volkswagen called the name change to Voltswagen a joke, then confirmed it

The Volkswagen automaker called the information about the renaming of the division in the United States to Voltswagen of America an April Fool's joke, and then confirmed this.

The German concern Volkswagen decided to attract the attention of consumers in an original way. On the eve of World April Fool's Day, the automaker posted on its website information about the renaming of one of the divisions from Volkswagen to Voltswagen, but then removed this press release.

The appearance and mysterious disappearance of information in the company was explained by an April Fool's joke and a marketing campaign, but later on Instagram, the company unexpectedly confirmed information about changing the name of the division in the United States to Voltswagen of America. The new name is derived from the term "volt" (Volt), which refers to the unit of measurement of electrical voltage, and is intended to show the concern's focus on the production of electric vehicles.

German Volkswagen plans to push American Tesla and become the world leader in the production of electric cars by building six plants in Europe to produce batteries for electric cars and at the same time developing a network of charging stations for them around the world.

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