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Tesla Biscuit Battery for Electric Cars Announced

Tesla has introduced a biscuit battery, due to which in three years it will be produced almost a hundred times more electric vehicles than now.

The American manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla presented on its official YouTube channel a "biscuit" battery of its own production, which will equip its electric cars. The developer claims that to minimize heating, he redesigned the layout of the battery cell and that there will be more batteries, which will increase the range of an electric vehicle by 16% and reduce the cost of such a fuel cell by 14%.

According to Elon Musk, the new battery, which received the unofficial nickname "biscuit" because of the shape of the battery, will push the development of the electric car industry, the production of which due to this invention will increase almost a hundred times by 2003.

Production of "biscuit" batteries is planned to begin at the US plant at the end of 2021. Such fuel cells for electric vehicles will be designated in the format 4680, where 46 millimeters is the diameter, and 80 millimeters is the height.

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